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EMLT Project is getting vary, growing and spreading at full stream

EMLT Project played a part in ‘Sector Meetings’16 How Much Does Future Belong To You?’ organized by Career Club. As a project asking this question about your future from the beginning, playing a part in such an amazing event was a must. We participated as a team, opened a stand and we made a presentation to show youth how much we care about them and their future. As we kept telling our project, it has become known and got attention. We would like to thank those who gave us this chance, and we appreciate the awareness of youth about their youth.

After presentation, our stand got attention from youth all around the world. On second day, this attention was higher and the questions were generally about the certificates. We were really glad that youth had this awareness of certificates, which we emphasize on our project too. Besides, we were also happy to be paid attention.

We tried to answer all the questions and said they can reach us at anytime for further questions. Right after, we started to get emails from youth thinking their future career, willing to be voluntary and planning their tomorrow today. Now, it is time to make a meeting with them to give more information. We will share the date, time and place of the meeting when it is set! EMLT Project is full of beans, keeps working and reaching youth with full of passion. Sector Meetings was important for us but not enough, so we don’t stop here and we are fasting to meet you no matter where you are. We will find you but maybe you find us first, who knows?

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