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Happy people, happy society …

Hello to everyone after a long break.

If you already forgot let me remind you, I am Deniz Gözde – the once educated but unemployed, and now the educated and employed blogger for this project…

My goal in this project is to explain to you our young people, in a fun way, the importance and necessity of the project.

Now with your permission, I say let’s begin…

Sir, as you know, our education system in Turkey a little complicated, where someone with interest in political science is studying engineering, and those with interest in pharmacy are studying business management or something like that.

Unfortunately, it’s sad but true.

And so, to change this sad reality we have hit the road. We have committed our hearts to this project to help you make major steps in your life in areas like matching the qualifications and experiences from your university majors to actual professions, helping draw your career map, identifying departments in the work place that suit you as well as professions that will make you happy.

Because it requires the training, effort, money and most importantly time. To improve our quality, we study for years so that in future we get to do the jobs that make us happy. It is for this reason that from the age of fifteen we toil hard and desire quality education from a great university. We seek to be successful and happy as individuals. But this generally leads to frustrations in Turkey. Nobody likes their job, they create the Monday syndrome and everything they do becomes boring and useless which eventually leads us to a society of unhappy individuals. However, the only objective of systems and policies the world over is to make individuals happy.

For this purpose, and with the EMLT project, we have created EMLT modules with a distance learning and digital component. With these models we seek to offer support to individuals who have not completed their education yet, or who have completed their education but have not found employment matching their qualifications, or even individuals who have completed their education but are unhappy in their places of work by helping in drawing up their career paths or giving a hand in developing their own self-help materials. In other words, with the distance education system, you can access to the educational contents while staying at home with coffee, as well as be part of the Youth Pass with these educational contents.

A hand in oil and the other hand in the honey.

In your pajamas, an education that will enable your personal development in front of you, a certificate in one hand and coffee in the other.

Oh what a beautiful world!

What we can is that with our project, we have committed to raising happy individuals in our society as well as reducing the education-job mismatch. If you want to be part of our commitment, you would not be familiar with the Monday syndrome, and you will be playing a big role in reducing the wastages to the national economy by increasing the number of happy people in the society.

What do you think? Are you part of our commitment?

Come on! What are you waiting for?

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