Hello people! Let’s know each other..

Hello everyone. I am the blogger of EMLT project. So I am going to talk you about the subjects of our project. Hopefully I will not speak aside.

O.K. people, I wish I can assume you know about the project, but obviously not. I m pretty sure that you haven’t read any of the content we have written so far. The project is about the employment process of young people. Let’s begin with some examples:

Let’s assume I have a degree for chemistry but I cannot find a job related to my degree. Finally find myself working at sales department of a company. That means all the formulas I memorize, all the lab works I attend, my most productive 4-5 years’ work become a trash. Why? –Because I accept my unemployment situation and I start to apply any position available. I accept the first offer and I become an unhappy person. It’s called “education – job mismatch” in the literature. There are a lot of young people suffering from this situation.

Let’s continue with another example: Now assume that I am a computer engineer but I do not fell like one. Why? Because I have chosen this department for prestige –because of what I heard from my family, my friends and my teacher about this profession. However, when I graduate, even if I work in a job related to my degree, I felt unhappy. Happiness effects my satisfaction in work. It’s called “Job Satisfaction” and it affects the productivity. When my job satisfaction is low, that decreases my productivity. Here we have a “lose-lose” situation with my boss.

Raise your hand if you agree with me, or just pull your hands on keyboard and write please 

However, I get use to live with this “education-job mismatch” or “low job-satisfaction”. That means I accept to live an unhappy work life, and unhappy life in the end.

If you say, “I don’t want to live that life”, I advice you join our project. Because we have a lot of training modules to prepare you to find a graduate job related to your degree. In the end of this training program, you will have more advantage to find a job related to your degree, your job satisfaction and your productivity will increase.

What else we could ever want?


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